We offer our rafts and inflatable kayaks direct to outfitters, non-profits, university programs, and private boaters.

We have large selection of whitewater rafts and inflatable kayaks in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in Colorado. You can learn more about what sets Vanguard apart from others by visiting our Why Vanguard page.

Designed and built for commercial use, Vanguards have established themselves as favorites among outfitters, fishing guides, and private boaters.

Designed for commercial rental use, our livery rafts boast the same great features as our self-bailing inflatable rafts, but have durable standard floors instead of inflated self-bailing floors.

Our Inflatable Kayaks (IKs) are designed for safety and stability for paddlers of all ages!


About Us

The people of Vanguard (VG) are unparalleled in their experience. Our inflatable raft building heritage spans 5 decades (beginning in 1964!) and includes all facets of inflatable boat design, development & manufacturing. Our collective experience is over 100 years. Vanguard only specializes in inflatable raft manufacturing and our facilities comply with the coveted ISO 6185 Quality Control Standards for inflatable raft manufacturing. This is the quality and durability you can see in the construction of every Vanguard raft!



Integrated Structural Design

Integrated Structural Design (ISD) is a result of fifty years of continuous inflatable design and manufacturing experience.


This integrates the boat components into one and is achieved by:

■ Starting with a polyester base fabric for stiffness
■ Attaching the floor tightly to the tube section at just the right height
■ Engineering larger floor chambers for flotation, not just for bailing
■ Engineering the floor to withstand higher pressures
■ Round or conical tubes for maximum strength and stiffness
■ Contouring thwarts for maximum contact with the main tubes to enhance the thwart’s function (to maintain shape of boat), thus, boat performance
■ Strict Q.C. testing of all inside seams prior to installing outside seam tapes
■ Second Q.C. testing for Air Retention prior to packaging and shipping (to the ISO 6185 standard)

■ VG’s Dealers also provide you with the accessories and knowledge to properly equip you and your raft to maximize your safety and enjoyment
■ VG’s service and support gives you the information and tools you need to ensure years of enjoyment from your VG raft
■ VG’s website offers a number of resources beyond the VG product line

The ISD Result?

■ Superior Air Retention
■ Superior Seam Strength
■ Superior tracking & stability
■ Minimized drag requiring less effort to paddle/row
■ Enhanced stiffness for responsiveness
■ Load bearing across the entire boat to minimize dragging and flipping.

Celebrating 18 years of building quality whitewater rafts and kayaks!

In the 15 years since the first Vanguard floated the rivers of Colorado, our whitewater rafts and inflatable kayaks have navigated rivers on six continents. They’ve endured the grit and sun of the Grand Canyon, the unknowns of first descents, and the excitement of thousands of rafters enjoying an afternoon in the sun. Through it all we’ve stayed true to our philosophy of quality, service, performance and integrity.


We manufacture full-feature, commercial grade whitewater rafts and inflatable kayaks. We offer them direct to private boaters, whitewater and fly-fishing outfitters and guides, government agencies, universities, and non-profit organizations. Private rafters and anglers interested in purchasing a complete fishing or whitewater package can purchase a Vanguard through an authorized dealer. For more information on authorized dealers, to directly purchase a Vanguard, or for a free catalog please contact us.

VG's Integrated Structucal Design philosophy extends beyond raft design and manufacturing to distribution, service and support.



I wanted the founder and owner of Vanguard Inflatables to get a comprehensive view of how beautiful those boats look in the hands of people who know just what to do with ‘em.  All of us had another wonderful time in and on our Vanguards.  Tough boats . . . I’ve never had a problem with any of ‘em.  Beautiful boats . . . that’s obvious from the photos.  Safe-feeling boats . . . people who have never been on a river immediately feel safe and secure in one of your duckies . . . I’ve witnessed this a few times.  Vessels of fun, those Vanguards.  

—  One Happy Customer



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